Meet with a Healthi Registered Dietitian and reach your goals!
HealthiCare Packages
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HealthiCare Packages
HealthiCare is now LIVE! Be one of the first Healthi Members to meet with a Healthi Registered Dietitian.
More about HealthiCare
Initial consultations are 50 minutes long and follow-up sessions are 25
Registered dietitians are board-certified experts in food and nutrition
Our appointments are individual and fully focused on YOU
Sessions are remote and you can use your computer or smartphone to join
Why HealthiCare?
HealthiCare team is made of Registered Dietitians who are already familiar with the routine and challenges of a Healthi member.
Thus, we're able to identify much more easily whatever it is that you are missing to fully accomplish your goals and effectively help you get there!
Meet Liz
Our Lead Registered Dietitian
Healthi's Lead Registered Dietitian is an accomplished and experienced Registered Dietitian. Liz started her career in the military serving as a Captain in the US Air Force before finding her passion for nutrition and clinical care. Now with 13 year’s experience as a Registered Dietitian, Liz leads a team of other trained Registered Dietitians who can provide you with expert advice and guidance on how to make positive lifestyle changes to improve your health.
HealthiCare Packages
Price shown per monthly payment