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Chris and Courtney Conway, -83.8lbs and -70lbs
This journey has been so transformative
We’ve been on this health journey for over a year and a half. We have lost a combined 150 lbs. The end result isn’t necessarily just a smaller version of ourselves, but overall a much healthier version of ourselves. A few important things we need to remind ourselves of is that this journey has no end. Even when we get to our goal weight, all the tools we gained, all the friends we’ve made are going to be instrumental in maintaining that healthy lifestyle for good. Also, sometimes the journey is going to have ups and downs, and paths that go off to the side before turning back to a forward path.Our path the past few months has been one of those, where we are maintaining, resting, and recharging before we get back into things fully to start working towards our weight goals. It’s ok to just maintain for a period as long as that doesn’t lead you back to the same unhealthy habits as before. This journey has been transformative in so many ways. We are blessed to be making this journey together as husband and wife, but also with the many many wonderful people we’ve met on our path. Those friendships mean more to us than anything.
Samantha P, -105lbs
I have my life back
Something clicked in me in July of 2020. After seeing the highest number on the scale I had ever seen, I felt really embarrassed. I knew something needed to change with my eating habits, and even though I had made this promise to myself countless times over the last 14 years, I knew this time, I really meant it. In the past, I had tried countless diets, but it was unsustainable because of how restrictive it was. I wanted to find a program that was comparable to something like Weight Watchers, but not as expensive and restrictive, and after some research, I found Healthi.

For the first 8 months, I was on the Conquer Cravings program, as well as using the Peloton for my fitness goals. I was so determined to be successful in the program. And I was. I lost 60 lbs in those 8 months before I decided to work with a wonderful nutritionist and use Calorie Command with macro counting (HUGE help). I lost an additional 45 lbs and am now down a total of 105 lbs!I credit using Healthi for being such a great, useful tool in my health journey. I have never once felt deprived in eating foods I really enjoy while continuing to lose weight. I feel like I have my life back and I’m so grateful for the tools and friends I have made along the way!
Monica Alexandra, -76lbs
I finally put myself first
Being on a wellness journey is not something new for me. I have been trying to lose weight off and on for the better part of my life, including my teenage years. Growing up, I was always the “heavy” one in the friend group and while they say words don’t hurt..I found that to not be true. From a young age, I was aware of my higher weight and consistently struggled with body image and self confidence issues. I think that all of us have one memory that is forever engrained in our memory that shapes the way that we view ourselves and the world and that started for me truly in junior high.Switching to Healthi, I used the Better Balance plan in the beginning which was similar to my old program and I started to find success again. Slowly, I was overcoming that plateau and the weight started to come off again but I wasn’t happy with my food choices. I wanted to know what I was consuming from the calories to the carbs to the fat. With that, I made the switch to the Calorie Command plan and I have not looked back. Two years into my journey and I am finally down 86 lbs. If you would have asked me two years ago if I could accomplish this goal, I would have told you NO but now…anything is possible. I have the energy to walk up the stairs without using an inhaler, I can feel confident in myself and in my clothes and with the physical transformation came a complete transformation in my mental health.One of the best things that I have ever done is put myself first and to build a community of support around me. It really does take a village and I love the Healthi community. Trust me, I still have a long way to go in this journey but my ultimate goal is to find a healthy balance between my relationship with food and living life to the fullest. Looking forward to continuing this journey with all of you.