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I am a passionate 46yo foodie on a Whole Food Wellness Adventure to lose 150lbs and heal myself from a myriad of medical mysteries.
I have been overweight all my life. It has been a real struggle. I started with Healthi in 2021 and with them I was able to break a plateau in my weight that I hadn't been able to break for years.
I started tracking using Healthi and quickly lost my 10 pounds. I decided to track all of my foods and start working out. I went from 203 pounds to 175. Not only was I so proud of myself, but my body responded just as I hoped it would!
After having weight loss surgery in 2021, I started using the Calorie Command planto stay on track and have never looked back.

I have lost over 106 lbs, but the confidenceI have gained is unmatched. I want to help you find your confidence and reclaim your life.
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