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February, 2020
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My weight loss journey started, like for so many of us, with weight watchers many years ago in my home country of Germany. I was fortunate to find an amazing group with a passionate leader. Our meeting created a tight knit group where I found many new friends. I lost 40lbs while I was a member of that group and then hit the dreaded plateau. And not a small one either. It went on and on. I tried so many things which would give me small successes but overall, I was only able to lose another 5lbs in 2 years. I tried following the plan, taking a break, trying new recipes, exercising…nothing really helped. Then I moved for work and had to find a new meeting but never felt really at home in that new group (even though I did make a new friend). Not connecting with the meeting, a busy schedule at work and the plateau (which had now come to a complete stop) finally made me quit weight watchers. For many, this is the point where they may gain weight again. But I had learned a lot through weight watchers. I was able to change many of my habits and found a new joy in food. Now I was focused more on cooking, trying new things and how foods were made. With that new attitude, I started to love my body and feel happy at the weight that I was at instead of hoping that a magic number on the scale would make me happy. I held this weight without tracking for 6 years- through leaving my job, moving to another country (the US), going to college and meeting the love of my life. But once I got married and moved in with my husband, I started gaining again. I took on some of the bad behaviors he had and got comfortable. Over the next 2 years I gained 20lbs back and didn’t feel comfortable in my skin anymore. So, I decided to return to what I knew: weight watchers. This time in the US. I even dragged my husband with me, who was also not happy with his weight (we had both gained) but who was not into the weight watchers/meeting experience at all. He was happy to support me but counting points was not for him. And, while he was supportive for the most part, navigating a weight loss world where he wanted to get milkshakes and I wanted to stay in my points made losing weight a lot harder than it was the first time around. In addition to that, I never really connected with my meeting and rarely went. I decided that I could do this on my own and didn’t need weight watchers or the meetings. After all, I had done it before and was able to hold my weight. That is when I learned about and joined healthi (iTrackbites back then). I loved having access to the same tools for a fraction of the price and did great using the program. I was able to get close to my goal weight again and even joined the healthi team as a coach to share my knowledge and support others. And then I became complacent. I thought I knew it all and didn’t need to track anymore. After all, I had successfully held the weight without tracking before…oh how wrong I was! I gained weight again as my husband and I tried for our first child. When I got pregnant, I was back to my heavier weight. But, surprisingly, pregnancy gave me the motivation I needed to “get back on track”. Even though, you are not supposed to restrict your food while pregnant and I didn’t, I was able to focus on the healthy habits that I had learned throughout my weight loss journey. I wanted (and still do) my daughter to grow up with a better relationship with food. Throughout my pregnancy, I ate healthy and ended up coming out at 5lbs under starting weight by the time I was 6 weeks post partum. All that from following healthy habits alone! Then began my journey as a new mother. But I was able to keep up my good habits. Now that my daughter is one year old, I am back on track. I lost an additional 10lbs throughout the last year and my daughter loves fresh fruits and veggies! I am not back where I want to be but I am close.

A fun Fact About Myself

Fun Fact about myself : I am a wife and mother to one year old daughter.


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