How it Works
Losing weight doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re here to help you through it step by step!
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The BITE System
Each food is assigned a BITE value
This number is aligned with what foods your weight loss plan chooses to prioritize.The lower the BITE value, the more aligned the food is to your plan. If a food is extra good for you, then it is ZERO BITES!
Every day you receive a BITE allowance
You’ll have a Daily BITE amount, total Weekly BITES, and can even earn extra BITES as you track your activity & exercise.
Keep track of your daily BITES
Forming a habit and tracking your food intake after each meal is fundamental when trying to lose weight.
Daily weigh-ins put you on track for success!
Set a goal weight to reach and collect milestones by recording your progress.
What is a Bite?
A BITE is calculated from a proprietary equation that distills every food and drink item into a numeric value. This is different from strict calorie counting because it rewards factors that are relevant to your diet plan. After all, not all calories are created equal.
This hexagon- number combination, is often used to denote a BITE count.
If a food has a high BITE value you know you should probably stay away from that type of food. If a food has a low BITE value you know it is a good choice for your diet plan. Sugar and saturated fat are accounted for because they play a role in food dependency, where- as protein is incorporated to help curb those pesky cravings. Better Balance is different from its little brother Sugar Smart in that it gives you less daily BITES in return for a much larger 200+ ZeroBITE food list. With this plan you also have the ability to carry over up to 4 un-used daily BITES to use later in the week. Therefore, Better Balance is designed to help you transition to a cleaner diet composed of natural ingredients with not so much weighing, measuring, and tracking.
What are Bite allowances?
● Your Daily BITE allowance is the number of BITES you can eat that day. This number will be personalized to you based on your age, gender, height, weight and activity level.

● Your Weekly BITE allowance is an extra allowance of BITES that you can divide up how you would like (split them up evenly, save them for the weekend, or don't use them at all). This is your opportunity to cater the Better Balance diet to your lifestyle.

Activity BITES are similar to Weekly BITES and are awarded to you when you exercise. There's a balance between what you consume and what you expend. Therefore, when you exercise we reward you with BITES because your body expended more calories.
What are Zero BITE foods?
Last but definitely not least are your Zero-BITE foods. These foods were selected since they build the foundation for the Better Balance plan. The majority of these foods are high in fiber and tend to be very low calorie. The best part? When you track these foods, they don't count toward your BITE allowance! Use these foods strategically to fill up the majority of your plate.
Check list of Zero Bite foods for each plan