Use of Colors

Keeping in mind some visual patterns

Color and Function

Healthi offers a multitude of features and possibilities for our users. To visually organize those, we have assigned each of the main features a color that is consistently used throughout the app.


Blue is our main color and it is used to reference all Food-related features, which is also our most important feature. We use our shades of blue for the main actions in the app, to reference BITES and also to reference anything related to Food Tracking.


Purple is used to reference Activity-related features. The BITES users gain when performing any activity are shown in purple and so it's our Activity icon.


Orange is associated with Weigh-in and weight features. When users want to check their weight-loss progress, the graph that shows it is orange.


Pink is our heart and all our health-related attributes. Health Checks are marked in pink.


It's importante to notice that this kind of association is not always immediately captured by users and we cannot rely completely on it. This is part of a global effort to create this consistency more than a replacement for clear presentations of each feature. It is also important to consider that each of our Weight Loss Plans is associated with a color and this may also be used in elements like badges or icons that reference our Weight Loss Plans.

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