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We just launched the Healthi Widget for your Lock Screen to help you keep track of your goals.
Follow the next easy steps to get it added to your Lock Screen.
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1. Check your iOS Version
You will need iOS 16 or above installed to use the Lock Screen widget.
Update your iOS version first if you don’t have iOS 16.
Learn more on how to update iOS here.
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2. Tap and hold Lock Screen
In iOS 16, tap and hold anywhere on the Lock Screen to show the  Customize  button, which will allow you to add the widget.
“Lock Screen” is the screen you see on your phone when it is locked.
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3. Tap the area below the clock
Tap the area right below the clock to see all widgets available for this section. Search for the Healthi widget and select it! There it is! Now you have your “Daily Remaining” count right on your Lock Screen.
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