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"3 years ago I never would have worn a crop top in my own home. But now I embrace everything this body does for me - imperfections and all"
I’m one-year post-op, and with the help of both of my tools, WLS, and the Healthi app, I have been able to lose 105 lbs and counting. Losing over 100 lbs has changed my life dramatically. I can breathe. My confidence is through the roof, and most of all, I am healthy."
"One thing I can tell for sure, I truly enjoy relaxing more these days, not only because it doesn’t hurt, but it’s also pretty dang cool to actually be able to fit into the seats. 2014 vs 2022."
"Sometimes I can't believe this is the same person. To anyone out there struggling, just keep swimming. Take it day by day, meal by meal, snack my snack. You can do it!"
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