How it Works

Losing weight doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re here to help you through it step by step!

Each food is assigned a BITE value

This number is aligned with what foods your weight loss plan chooses to prioritize.The lower the BITE value, the more aligned the food is to your plan. If a food is extra good for you, then it is ZERO BITES!

Every day you receive a BITE allowance

You’ll have a Daily BITE amount, total Weekly BITES, and can even earn extra BITES as you track your activity & exercise.

Keep track of your daily BITES

Forming a habit and tracking your food intake after each meal is fundamental when trying to lose weight.

Daily weigh-ins put you on track for success!

Set a goal weight to reach and collect milestones by recording your progress.

Share your milestones in the community


and support others on their journeys, too!

Weight loss program in your back pocket

Weight loss program


6,000,000+ Foods

With our extensive food library, you’ll never miss the chance to track a meal. Plus, we’re adding items constantly.

Recipe Book

Choose what to eat from our collection of recipes with pre-loaded BITES, calories, and net carbs.

Meal Plans

Plan out your meals for the week ahead of time with our Meal Plan feature and stay on top of your tracking.

Bar Code Scanner

Track your packaged foods quickly and check the BITE counts by using the bar code scanner.

Voice Recognition

Go hands free with your tracking and use voice recognition technology to enter in what you’ve eaten for the day.

Restaurant Guide

Continue to track your meals even when you go out to eat. Simply search the restaurant and find your meal!

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