Healthi Username: @MaryBates
Member since 2021
Coach Since 2021
Plan: Better Balance
A Short Summary of My Healthi Journey
I was looking for a program to continue with my weightloss with the basics that I knew that worked. I was currently at a plateau for about two years and was about to settle on the weight until healthi! I met goal then even lowered it by ten pounds and met it again! The possiblities are endless with healthi, and you don't have to settle on a weight for fear of paying more, I love that.
A Fun Fact About Myself
I love cheese and sweets
Favorite Feature or Tip for Using Healthi
There are 6 plans to choose from that you can choose and adapt to your needs
Favorite Healthi Community Group
Motivated Moms
What’s the One thing I’ve Learnt about Healthi?
That an excellent quality product doesn't have to break the bank