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Jeri Zacarese

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A Short Summary of My Healthi Journey

My name is Jerylan but everyone calls me Jeri. I worked at Weight Watchers for 15 years before all the changes were made. From my highest weight to my lowest is about 32 pounds and I have maintained my weight for 17 years. I spent years lamenting over gaining and losing the same 25 pounds. I found that all programs work as long as you are willing to make lifestyle changes. I am a borderline Type 2 diabetic and able to stay off medication by continuing to live a healthy lifestyle. My son was diagnosed with Type 1 when he was 6 years old so as a family we are conscience of the food we eat. Tracking, weighing, measuring and open to trying new foods is key to maintenance. I love the itrackbites community for all the support that is offered to the members.

A Fun Fact About Myself

My main exercise is walking in the water.

Favorite Feature or Tip for Using Healthi

Second Metrics

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What’s the One thing I’ve Learnt about Healthi?

I learned that there is a plan for everyone. Offering the six plans gives options that are not available with other apps

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There is no “one size fits all” solution to weight loss. Join the millions who have seen health and wellness success through our six unique weight loss plans. It’s as easy as: pick your plan, track your food, lose the weight!